Photographs that capture more. Preserving a feeling, a setting, and every emotion.

So that someday when they ask you to tell the story of when they were little, you can instead say,

"Let me show you."


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what Linnea's clients are saying

“Linnea was fantastic to work with! She made us feel comfortable, took great shots and was able to take shots leaving out the parts of my home that are, shall we say, less desirable. We will certainly use her again!”

-Rochelle C.

what Linnea's clients are saying

“The pictures turned out better than I imagined. I love her natural, not overly staged technique. Will definitely hire her again.”

-Caitlyn P.

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Photographing babies

in their homes,

surrounded by the ones

that love them best. 

Linnea Farnsworth Photography

Virginia   |   Washington, DC   |   Maryland